Holds 15X more heat than stone
Unbreakable steel lasts a lifetime
Bake crispier crusts in less time

What is FireSteel?

FireSteel baking steels are laser cut from a solid plate of A36 carbon steel. Steel holds about fifteen times more heat than stone resulting in a high performing and unbreakable baking surface.


After laser cutting we bevel the edge and mill a radius inside the handle loop. This makes the steel easier to carry and less likely to accidentally damage a countertop or other surface.


Last of all the FireSteel is glass bead blasted to give it a smooth matte finish, and treated with a seasoning oil to protect the surface. With normal use and care your steel will season to a deep brown patina that is nonstick and easy to maintain


FireSteel Original 15" Steel

$ 85.00 USD
The Original 15"x15" pizza steel. Whether you're a serious home chef or a pro, this beauty will look great and deliver fantastic results for years to come.

Our Story

Hello! Thanks for stopping by our site. I'm William Hertzler, founder and owner of FireSteel. For me FireSteel was an idea born out of necessity. It was summer of 2018, Sunday afternoon, and I was making pizza on the grill for my guests. Everything was going well until I discovered that my last pizza stone had broken and I had no way to bake my pizzas.

it was an hour until dinner and I had to figure something out fast. Just then a bright idea popped into my head. Why wouldn't a ceramic tile work in a pinch? I quickly went to the shop building a stones throw from the house, where I had some new, unglazed floor tiles.

Incidentally, this building was also home to the family metal fabrication business, and as I walked past a rack of steel scraps I had another thought. If a piece of steel would work, I would never have to worry about a broken stone again. I had never heard of baking pizza on steel but hey, it was worth a try.

So a few minutes later I was back at the barbecue and ready to test my new pizza stones. The ceramic tile worked ok but couldn't take the heat and was broken into pieces by the time I was done. The steel, to my surprise, worked even better than stone and turned out incredibly crisp beautiful crusts! And of course it wasn't broken. I was beyond impressed.

I had to know if anyone else was doing this so when I had a chance I went to the internet and found out that there was indeed a growing community of home chefs and pros who had discovered the incredible results of baking on steel.

To make a long story short, the next couple years were making more steels for family, and friends, and tweaking the design until we came up with something that we loved. I wanted to improve on the basic, square edged slabs that were commercially available. While they are perfectly functional, we found early on in our testing, that a plain piece of steel without a handle hole or beveled edge could be very awkward to move around the kitchen. Steels are heavier than stone and usually thinner, so that if they are lying flat on the countertop they are nearly impossible to pick up without sliding to the edge of the counter, risking damage to the surface.

So we made a handle hole. And we rounded the inside edge of the hole to make it more comfortable to carry. And we beveled the edge so you'e less likely to chip or damage something in your kitchen. All of this adds extra steps to the manufacturing process but we believe if you're spending the money for a premium kitchen product we owe it to you put in the extra attention to detail that sets FireSteel apart from the competition.

So now for the first time, we are offering our premium ultra-conductive, pizza steels for sale to the public. If you are ready to take the step and upgrade your stone to a FireSteel, go ahead and hop over to our shop and where you can purchase one for yourself. Our steels are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty so in the unlikely event that you decide it isn't right for you, you will be covered.

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